Firm Up - The Firm Weight Loss System

The firm weight loss system works by combining cardiovascular workouts with weight training in order to maximize your body's ability to burn off fat as well as calories. The firm weight loss system also helps give you increased energy apart from toning your muscles and boosting the level at which you burn calories. When you look great, you feel great. And when you feel great, you also gain more self-confidence.

The method

The firm weight loss system uses a method called synergy training or the combination of a cardiovascular workout and weight training. In synergy training, workouts vary in intensity levels throughout the program. It uses interval training in order to achieve improvements in fitness levels better and faster. It also sequences its exercises, enabling you to alternate between lower and upper body exercises. Doing this provides you in turn with enough energy to maximize the effect of an exercise, revving up your heart rate as well for more calories burned. Aside from those, the firm weight loss system also makes use of variable resistance. This means that you get to use only weight that you can handle, and suit your fitness level.

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Maximizing fat loss

Alternating between light-weight and moderate-intensity workouts with heavy-weight and high-intensity workouts maximizes fat loss for you. The light-weight workout enables you to burn a larger amount of calories during the course of your exercise while the heavy-weight workout builds muscles in your body so that you are able to burn off calories even after the exercise. Building muscle is your best bet in burning more calories and losing more fat. The more muscles you have, the more amounts of fat you will burn. Aside from that, alternating between levels of intensity doesn't allow your body to get accustomed to a particular fitness level. This means that you don't reach the fitness plateau, ensuring that you get continuous burning of fat and calories in your body.

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