Hoodia - The New Weight Loss Supplement That Works?

Hoodia is considered as a new weight loss supplement that promises weight loss by working as an appetite suppressant. This new weight loss supplement comes from a desert plant in South Africa, ingested by Kalahari bushmen when they had to go on a long journey.

How it works

The plant reportedly prevents the Kalahari bushmen from feeling hungry during long journeys. An active ingredient present in this new weight loss supplement is called P57 and it works on the brain in a way similar to glucose. P57 makes you think that you are full even though you have not eaten. This helps in suppressing your appetite, as well as your thirst.

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Side effects

According to studies, the plant does not impose any known side effects. However, users should be wary of taking it especially if they are taking other medications because it could interact with them. Diabetics should also be wary of taking Hoodia because it tricks them into feeling full even though they need to eat to keep their blood sugar levels stable. You may also experience dehydration since it also suppresses thirst.

Beware of fakes

The plant and the active ingredient that should be present in this new weight loss supplement takes years before it reaches its maturity. Furthermore, it can only be found in the wild and grows on very hot climates, which makes it available on limited supplies only. Because of scarcity, there has been a lot of manufacturers claiming that they are selling pure hoodia but there are still doubts about their products.

Pure hoodia

There are several species of the hoodia plant but only the one called hoodia gordonii has the P57 ingredient. A pharmaceutical company from the UK called Phytopharm holds the license for the active ingredient although they do not market it yet. Other hoodia weight loss supplements that have been verified to contain pure hoodia include Hoodoba from the Strictly Health Corp., the brand Desert Burn, and Hoodia Hoodia from Millenium Health.


It is still too early to point out whether hoodia is the new weight loss supplement that can effectively and safely help you lose weight. However, with several reports about counterfeit hoodia products, it can be difficult to tell whether you are buying something that genuinely contains the real thing from those that do not.

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