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We live in a world where fat-loss gimmicks and so-called diet pills promise to help you lose those unwanted pounds with little effort. The advertising of these miracle drugs and gimmicks only feed more into the hype. In reality, the majority of these products will not work without a commitment to a very strict diet and exhausting exercise program.

How can you lose weight naturally and effectively?

The first thing that you must do is change your way of thinking. You must try to recreate your bad thoughts of being overweight and fat, into good thoughts of being healthy and skinny. Although, you may not be skinny yet, you want to start using the "Law of Attraction" to your advantage. Meaning that by thinking you are skinny, you will attract positive energies back to you which will eventually make you skinny. The way you think changes the way you act!

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Here are some ideas for effective weight loss - the natural way.

*DESIRE- The more you put your mind to something, the better your chances are of achieving that goal.

*KNOWLEDGE-Learn the correct information about proper nutrition and exercise routine. Our bodies all have a different biological chemistry. What works for one will not necessarily work for another.

*SACRIFICES-This one is really hard! But, the most emotionally satisfying. If you can give up something you REALLY love, say that candy bar or soda, that will be one of the best feelings in your weight loss venture.

*CONSISTENCY-It is important to maintain a consistent routine. This is crucial for your success.

*FEEDBACK-At some point, your body will plateau. Which means you will come to a point where you stop losing weight before your goal. When this happens, it is important to analyze your nutrition and exercise routine and make adjustments. BE CAREFUL. This point in your weight loss venture is very aggravating, and pushes many people toward purchasing non-effective weight loss drugs.

*FAILURE-UNDERSTAND THERE IS NO SUCH THING! You WILL have slip ups and you WILL have plateaus, but this is NOT failure. Think of this is a learning experience on your journey to your weight loss goal of what you should NOT do again!!

*NEVER GIVE UP-You CAN do this. Have faith in your abilities. Do not waste your money on those magical diet pills. When you reach that goal, you will have the self-esteem to conquer anything!

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