Before You Take a Weight Loss Capsule

There are a lot of weight loss capsule products in the market promising immediate weight loss. However, only a few good weight loss capsule products really work not just effectively but safely. Before deciding to buy one, make sure you know what it can do for you.


Weight loss capsule products can have herbal or natural ingredients in them. However, "herbal" or "natural" does not necessarily mean it is safe so beware of the products you are buying. Green tea and Hoodia are examples of natural ingredients that are proven to be safe by those using them.

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How they work

When you take a weight loss capsule, it can work by making your brain think that you are still full even when you are not, or it can simply burn the fats you are ingesting. These capsules can be classified as appetite suppressants or fat burners. Natural ingredients like green tea has thermogenic properties to help increase your metabolic rate. Some capsules have stimulants like caffeine (which is also present in green tea) that helps increase the rate of respiration, digestion, and heart rate.


Some weight loss capsules have ingredients that act as diuretics which can cause your body to lose water and can lead to dehydration. Diuretics can get rid of excess water from your body so it won't be retained to give you the so-called "water weight". However, once you stop taking the capsules, you may gain back the weight again.

Beware of dangerous ingredients

There are some ingredients that claim to be natural but are actually toxic and cause more dangerous side effects. Ephedra is a common ingredient found in weight loss capsules but it is known to cause cardiovascular diseases among users. Other side effects include seizures and death. Other ingredients act as laxatives but they can cause irregular heartbeats, diarrhea, heart attack, and stroke.

Consult your doctor

It is highly advisable to seek advice from a doctor before taking a weight loss capsule no matter how "safe" the product is claiming itself to be.

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