Is Green Tea Extract Effective for Weight Loss?

Diet pills have become a lucrative industry in the world today. This is because people are finding and using every means to lose the weight they have. Often times, people want to find the easiest and fastest way out of their weight problem. From Ephedrine to Guarana to Bitter Orange Peel, Americans have tried virtually every herbal ingredient out there to help them lose weight, often with dire effects. Today, many people have turned to using green tea extract for weight loss.

The newest craze

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Green tea extract for weight loss is probably the newest craze to hit diet-fans out there. Ever since the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition released a study on the effects of green tea extract on weight loss, many companies have begun making their own green tea supplement in the form of pills, patches, and even drinks. However, how effective are these extracts and supplements compared to the real deal?

Understanding green tea

Before taking a closer look at these supplements, it is best to understand what green tea does for weight loss. According to scientists, green tea contains valuable nutrients that:

Help boost metabolism

Help decrease appetite

Increase fat absorption

Lower blood sugar levels

Decrease cancer risks

Talk about a miracle product, right? This is due to the fact that green tea contains caffeine and anti-oxidants that help in weight loss and other benefits.

The truth about supplements

Most green tea supplements contain just green tea extract for weight loss, mixed with other ingredients. These supplements are not purely green tea. This is something that consumers should be careful.

In buying these supplements, you have to fully understand and know the ingredients. Do not be fooled just by seeing green tea extracts in the ingredients, but you have to know each and every ingredient that makes up that supplement. You never know, maybe one of those ingredients carries a harmful side effect that you should be aware of.

It is always best to consult with your doctor before buying of a green tea extract for weight loss.

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