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Dietary changes and exercise regimens are sometimes not enough to lose weight. For people who are really determined to shed a couple of pounds, food and weight loss supplements can be used as aids. The combination of diet, exercise, and supplements will surely lead to a better physical health and reduced body weight.

Popular supplements

There are so many different kinds of food and weight loss supplements available in the market today. These are available over-the-counter, as well as in health food stores. Some of the most popular are herbal supplements. These include green tea, ephedrine or ephedra, Senna, guarana, and St. John's wart. Green tea, for example, quickens weight loss. This stimulates the thyroid gland, making the metabolism to speed up.

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Possible effects

According to medical reports, all these fat burners can help lose up to one to three pounds a month However, these supplements, even if they are entirely natural, are not spared from controversies. Ephredra has garned notice from the medical community for its alleged side effects which include seizures and strokes.

Simple guidelines

Health professional advice consumers to check out the labels, as well as ingredients, of food and weight loss supplements. Before taking two food and weight loss supplements together, it is recommended to seek the advise of a health care professional Also, it is always important to take these supplements in moderation. Bear in mind that the ideal weight can be attained when it slowly comes off.

When looking for a supplement that can help speed up weight loss, it is always important to settle on the safe ones. Always choose supplements that are regulated by food and drug agencies. Those that have not been regulated may pose health risks. It is not advisable to just believe the claims of these food and weight loss supplements which are often unsubstantiated

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